Re-Elect Mark Belmont Selectman

Re-Elect Mark Paolillo!

A history of accomplishments!
Hiring a new town administrator and town accountant. Creating more-collaborative processes.
Moving forward the Underwood Pool and Cushing Village. Passing a Proposition 2 1/2 override.

Leadership Mark Paolillo for Selectman Belmont, MA

Proven Leadership

Chairman of the Financial Task Force.
Mark drove the creation of the Financial Task Force in Dec. 2013 and served as its first Chair.

Mark Paolillo for Selectman Belmont, MA

Team Player

During High School Mark was part of the Belmont Track Team.
Mark grew up with 3 brothers all graduating from Belmont High School.

Town Hall Belmont MA Vote Mark Paolillo for Selectman Belmont, MA

Mark Paolillo - Your Selectman.

For Belmont Massachusetts

Mark, Sarah Stephen, and Christine Paolillo

Belmont Family Ties

Raised in Belmont with his three brothers.
Mark and his wife, Christine raised their two children in the town of Belmont.

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