Laurie Slap

Laurie Slap

I strongly support Mark Paolillo’s re-election to the Belmont Board of Selectmen. Having worked closely with him for the last six years in my role on the School Committee, I believe Mark to be a great partner for the schools. He has been instrumental in ensuring that the Board of Selectmen and School Committee work collaboratively to create town budgets that maintain critical services.

I served on the town’s Financial Task Force that Mark chaired and saw first-hand how he seeks consensus and is open to differing points of view. He was committed to examining the needs of the town over at least the next three to five years and encouraged input and creative thinking from a wide group of residents. When it became clear that there weren’t sufficient financial resources, Mark led the effort to put an operating override before the voters that staved off painful cuts to the school budget.

Mark provides exactly the type of leadership that we need in Belmont, and I believe his proven experience, dedication and tireless work ethic will continue to serve the town well.

— Laurie Slap, Long Avenue, Belmont